Spanish Voice Over Co Instructor Job

Contact Robert Steele:

We have some best-selling accounting and tax courses on teaching platforms like Udemy, as well as our own platform, and YouTube channel. Below are some links for reference:

We are looking into voice over of our current content to reach a wider audience, possibly creating Udemy courses and a separate YouTube channel in Spanish.

We would offer a flat rate for the work. However, we would really like somebody who wants to do this long-term and who is interested in building a profile on platforms like Udemy, YouTube, and others. Our current plan is to setup Udemy courses a co-instructors, splitting the revenue. We would like to do something similar for YouTube and other platforms where possible.

An individual with accounting knowledge would be great, but we do not think it is required, because we can provide the video files, as well as transcripts, possibly in both English and Spanish.

We would also do what we can to help with the production process, both the voice over, as well as platform upload and management.