How to enter expenses from the bank statement to QuickBooks

Enter cash outflows, checks and other outflows, from a bank statement to the QuickBooks Pro 2019 system. We will put together a cash based bookkeeping system we can use for a small business or as a bookkeeping business. We will enter transaction from a bank statement directly inter the QuickBooks check register. As we enter the first months worth of data a will need to check the vendor names and assign the correct expense accounts. We will have a list of expense accounts provided by QuickBooks when we set up a new QuickBooks file. The chart of accounts regenerated by QuickBooks will be based on the industry we select. If we cannot find an appropriate account we will create new accounts.
We will also enter many new vendors as we enter data from the bank statement to the check register. We may have ask the client about why the vendors are to assign the correct account. As we run into question we will enter an account called uncategorized expense so that we can keep moving forward. Once we get answers about the vendors QuickBooks will allow us to recatagorize the transactions we were not sure about.
For more accounting and QuickBooks information see accounting website.


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