QuickBooks Pro 2018 Deposit – New release

QuickBooks Pro 2018 – New Version – deposit will cover making a deposit in the accounting software and will discuss how the accounting software links the receive payment icon to the deposit icon. We will look at the home tab as a guide to the process. QuickBooks Pro 2018 uses the receive payment icon to record the increase in cash, but not an usually an increase to the checking account. When selecting the receive payment icon in QUickBoks Pro 2018 the accounting software will increase undeposited funds and decrease accounts receivable. When the deposit icon is then selected in the accounting software a window will pop up, showing the undeposited items, items we can select for deposit. When selected and recorded QuickBooks Pro 2018 will increase the checking account amount and decrease the undeposited amount Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kScOt…

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