Secret To Learning Accounting Faster

The secret to learning accounting concepts faster.
In short, Excel.
Many learners do not consider Excel as a learning tool, but more like using a calculator during a test of addition and subtraction, equating the use of Excel to a tool for cheating, rather than a tool for learning.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
If we want to learn accounting concepts better and in far less time, we need to use Excel.
Some learners may reason that because the test does not allow the use of Excel, they should not study using Excel, understandable reasoning, but not entirely correct, and reasoning that will result in much more study time for the same results during test time.
The reason Excel works well as a study tool is not that it makes shortcuts but that it reduces data entry and allows for the testing of concepts without wasting time recalculating.
In other words, the performance of the, usually basic, math skills needing for accounting are not the new thing we are learning. What we are learning is closer to the rules of a new game and how to apply them. Excel allows us to spend our time figuring out the new task of learning how the game works rather than an already mastered task like adding up a list of numbers using a calculator.
For courses designed with Excel exercises in mind see accounting website.


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