Payroll Accounting

Playlist 0:26 Payroll Introduction 6:29 Regular & Overtime Pay Calculation 11:40 Federal Income Tax FIT 18:54 Payroll Legislation 26:47 Payroll Consideration and Tax Forms 43:06 Payroll Periods and Time Frames 50:11 New Employee Tax Forms & Contractor vs Employee 1:07:26 Federal Income Tax FIT – Percent Method… Continue reading Payroll Accounting

Payroll Periods and Time Frames

We will discuss payroll pay periods that companies could use to process payroll. Companies could process payroll monthly, weekly, biweekly, and semimonthly. It is useful to know the number of pay period in a year so we can calculate payroll and make comparisons between hourly wages and salary wages. For more accounting information see website:… Continue reading Payroll Periods and Time Frames