QuickBooks Pro 2018 Record Receipt of Payment

QuickBooks Pro 2018 record receipt of payment will cover the creation of a receipt payment form within the accounting software. After creating an invoice the next step in the accounting process is to receive payment, this process being outlined in the QUickBOoks 2018 home page, payment often being in the form of a check received in the mail. QUickbooks pro 2018 does not record the check into the checking account when receive payment is entered, however. QUickBooks Pro 2018 will reduce the account receivable account for the amount received from customers and deposit the fund into an account called undeposited funds. We will then use QuickBooks Pro 2018 deposit icon to record the deposit to the checking account at the point in time we deposit the checks to the bank, this process allowing us to group the deposits in the QUickBooks Pro 2018 accounting software in the same way they will be on the bank statemetn.





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