QuickBooks Pro 2019 Create Backup File – QuickBooks Desktop 2019

QuickBooks Pro 2019 – Desktop 2019 Backup Data will cover the backup process for a QuickBooks 2018 data file. Backing up the accounting data file is important to safeguarding the data but could also help with in other areas. For example a backup of the data can be given to the CPA firm or tap practitioner at year end. A backup up file can also be used when experimenting. The QuickBooks 2019 backup file is most effected if saved to a location other then the one the data file is one. Saving the backup file to the same drive as the QuickBooks 2019 data file does provide some protection but does not protect against the hard drive crashing, theft, or fire. Saving the QuickBooks 2019 backup file to another drive or to the cloud adds more security that the data is not lost. When making a backup file QuickBooks 2019 will copy the current data file into a compressed backup. The QuickBooks backup file file cannot be run, but must be restored. It is important to note that a backup file can only be restored to a version of QuickBooks that is the same year or a later year. For example, a QuickBooks 2019 backup file cannot be restored to QuickBooks 2017 software but a QuickBooks 2017 backup file can be restored to QuickBooks 2019 software.
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