QuickBooks Pro 2019 Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry – QuickBooks Desktop 2019

QuickBOoks Pro 2019 – QuickBooks Desktop 2019 unearned revenue adjusting entry covers the the adjusting entry for cash received but for which revenue has not yet been earned into the accounting software. When entering adjusting entries into accounting software we usually us the general journal but we will use Quickbooks 2019’s register feature to reduce the need for knowing debits and credits. The unearned revenue adjustment will be a bit different then theory textbooks because of the the QuickBooks 2019 track prepayments, the accounting software tracking prepayments as negative receivables rather then liabilities. This system works great because it allows QuickBooks 2019 to match prepayments with invoiced created later but it produces reports that are not in conformity with GAAP principles. To fix the problem we will make an adjusting entry increaseing accounts receivable for the deposit and increasing the liability account called unearned revenue.
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