QuickBooks Pro 2019 Enter Loan Payments From Amortization Table

Enter principle deduction and related interest for loan payments on an installment note in QuickBooks Pro 2019. We will first generate an amortization table. The amortization table is often not given in a loan agreement but is needed to break out interest and principal portions of a loan. The payments of most installment agreement will be the same each period but the allocation of interest expense and principal will very. We will also talk about other options for entering the loan payment into QuickBooks and making adjusting entries at the end of the accounting period. Once we have created the amortization table we will enter the first two payment into QuickBooks. We will enter the first payment into the check register using the split option to enter multiple accounts. We will enter the second payment into the check form. We will then check the financial statements. We will see cash going down for the amounts paid, interest expense going up but not being the same for the two payments and the loan balance going down but not by the same amount for the two payments. We will then check that the loan balance in QuickBooks matches the balance on the amortization schedule.
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