QuickBooks Pro 2019 Pay Employees u

Pay employees using QuickBooks Pro 2019. To pay employees in QuicKBOoks PRo 2019 we need to have one of the payroll option set up in the accounting system. For options on how to set up payroll see a prior presentation. We are using the manual payroll option which is a great tool for learning payroll and how to enter data in the accounting software. One payroll is set up we will typically see three icons in the employee section of the home page. We will select the middle icon when paying employees. Weill want to make sure the dates are correct. There are two dates to consider when entering payroll into QuickBooks. We need the pay period end date and we need the check date. These two dates may be the same day but we often write actual check after the pay period has ended. We will then analyze each employees wages and witholdings, manually entering withholdings like federal income tax FIT, social security, and Medicare, the FICA taxes. We will also manually enter the employer taxes. We will print the pay checks and then to to the check register to analyze the printed pay checks. We will then look at the financial statement to see the effect of processing payroll on the balance sheet and income statement or profit and loss. Processing payroll will increase payroll expense increase payroll liability and decrease cash. for more accounting and QuickBooks information see accounting website. http://accountinginstruction.info/


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