QuickBooks Pro 2019 Invoice or Accounts Receivable Adjusting Entry u

QuickBooks Pro 2019 – QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Invoice Adjusting Entry will cover the entry of an adjusting entry for an invoice that was dated past the cut off date. In other words, an invoice was entered in the QuickBOoks pro 2019 system in the month of March when the work was actually done in February. This is common in many companies because it may have taken time to process the information needed to fill out the invoice. Under the revenue recognition principle however, we need to record the revenue when earned, in this case in February. To do this we will recreate the transaction QuickBooks 2019 generates when making an invoice on February 28th. In order to enter this into the accounting software we will need to understand the journal entry QUickBooks 2019 creates when making an invoice and then recreate the entry without making another invoice. Traditionally adjusting entries are done with the genearl journal feature of the accounting software. We will use QuickBooks 2019’s register feature to eliminate the need to understand debits and credits. Form more accounting and QuickBooks information see accounting website. http://accountinginstruction.info/


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