Simple Way to enter credit card payment QuickBooks

Simple way to enter credit card payments into the QuickBooks accounting software by using the check register. The method for entering credit card payments to QuickBooks is a shortcut and it has its pros and cons. It will be a faster method but we loose some detail we would have if we used a more complex method. If we enter data into the QuickBooks system from the bank, using the bank statement or bank feeds, we will see the credit card payments as we pay them. We can record the payment directly into the check register. The challenge is to categorize the other account effected. For this we will need the credit card statements. We can enter more then one expense account into the check register by selecting the split option. We can then categorize the vendors we payed on the credit card statement to the proper expense accounts and write the vendor name in the memo section. If we did not pay the full balance we can enter the difference into credit card payable, a liability account. This method is fast but does lack some detail. For one, it will not record the expenses at the date they were incurred but rather at the date the check was paid. It will also not show vendor detail for the credit card payments by vendor.
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