Easy Way To Record Insurance QuickBooks

Easiest way to record insurance payments in QuickBooks. Insurance is an account that usually requires an adjusting entry at the end of the time period. In other word, even if we record insurance perfectly we will usually need an adjustment at the end of the period to make it correct on an accrual basis for financial reporting in an accrual system. When recording insurance for a small business we may have different needs for our bookkeeping records. We may need financial statement preparation or our primary need may be year end tax preparation.
We are usually taught to record interest as prepaid asset called insurance expense and then adjust the expense portion at year end. When entering transactions into QuickBooks, however, and when considering tax preparation, it may be easier to enter the insurance as an expense and let our accountant or tax preparer adjust the portion that is prepaid if needed. One reason for this method is that the tax return may be on a cash method with record to insurance payments. Another reason for this method is that it will show insurance on the income statement, making it less likely for a tax preparer to miss.
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