Who Should QuickBooks Bookkeepers Network With

Networking opportunities for QuickBooks bookkeepers.
Once we have decided our specialization in QuickBooks bookkeeping we can decide how we want to interact with other accounting professionals.
Our focus here will be on specializing as a bookkeeper and not moving into taxation, financial statement preparation, and payroll.
By not focusing on areas outside of QuickBooks bookkeeping we can often build strong relationships with other professionals.
One reason we can build other relationships with other accounting professionals is because they do not have to worry about us competing with them. I’m not saying we should not consider going into other areas. This is just one strategy for a QuickBooks bookkeeper .
Other accounting professionals are more likely to recommend our services and may even provide referral for recommending clients to them. If we do get commissions, however, we want to be very open with clients about them.
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